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My name is Tony. I've been running a successful websites business for over a decade. It's my personal mission to help community centres do more with less. The web offers a huge potential to save time, save trouble, streamline processes, reach and engage more in the community, even to reduce costs.

I've also been a Committee-member and President of the local Neighbourhood House for a number of years. I have a great insight into the workings of community centres - what they do, the fabulous and dedicated people that work there, the pressures they're under.

What you do to build community, sustain community, protect community is more important than ever. I want to provide you with a very important tool - an effective website that helps you achieve your community objectives. A website that includes security and performance, where maintenance is taken care of, and real personal help is available.

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  • Your location, opening hours, contact details
  • Your regular programs and activities
  • Your calendar of events
  • Your services, facilities and resources
  • Make bookings for rooms or resources
  • Online forms for volunteering, joining the management committee, making suggestions, general enquiries
  • Frequently-asked questions
  • Your centre's history, governance, policies, mission and objectives



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